Newsletter No. 367

No. 367, 19.11.2010 3 Sports Competition with record-breaking results. An athletic background, she pointed out, has both advantages and disadvantages for teaching. ‘When I first started teaching, I assumed in typical athlete fashion, that if I could do it, anyone could, so I demanded a lot from my students.’ Eventually she came to realize that physical ability varies from person to person. On the other hand, the advantage of having an athletic training is her passion for sports. It also makes her demonstrations of physical movements more convincing. Zeal and Devotion Professor Ha joined CUHK in 1989. She finds the 2009 Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award most encouraging. ‘It is important to choose a career you are interested in.’ It will keep you zealous and devoted. ‘You can only enlighten your students if you are not 香港中文大學—中山大學歷史人類學研究中心揭幕 • CUHK-SYSU Centre for Historical Anthropology Established 香 港中文大學—中山大學歷史人類學研究中心於 11月8日舉行揭幕典禮暨合作協議簽署儀式。中山 大學歷史人類學中心為國家教育部人文社會科學的重點 研究基地;兩校合設的聯合研究中心是本港首個在人文社 會科學領域的國家級重點研究基地的合作新平台。 主持典禮的嘉賓包括國家教育部社會科學司副司長張東 剛教授( 左三 )、中山大學校長黃達人教授( 右三 )、廣東 省教育廳巡視員羅遠芳教授( 右二 )、中央駐港聯絡辦公 室教育科技部副部長莫錦強先生( 右一 )及沈祖堯校長 ( 左二 )。當天亦同時舉行成立研究中心的協議簽署儀式, 數十位來自香港和內地的嘉賓一同見證了這個歷史時刻。 歷史人類學是一個相當成熟的研究取向,研究中心的使命 是將歷史人類學建設成為一門能夠重新闡釋中國歷史的 學科。中山大學歷史人類學研究中心與中大歷史系的學 者,過去二十多年來一直緊密合作,推動中國傳統社會的 歷史人類學研究。在這個深厚的基礎上,兩校共建的歷史 人類學研究中心,將進一步深化在該領域的合作,為今後 開拓更多的新研究領域和項目創造條件,共同促進粵港兩 地人文社會科學的繁榮。 研究中心主任由中大偉倫歷史學講座教授科大衛教授 ( 左一 )出任,科大衛教授是國際知名的中國經濟和商業 史專家。 T he plaque-unveiling and MOU-signing Ceremony of The Chinese University of Hong Kong–Sun Yat-sen University Centre for Historical Anthropology was held on campus on 8 November. The Centre for Historical Anthropology of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is one of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Key Research Institutes of humanities and social sciences. As a new platform for collaboration, this centre is the first national-level joint research centre in the humanities and social sciences at CUHK and Hong Kong. bored yourself.’ Professor Ha teaches with a combination of theories, discussion and real-time practice so as to provide all-round training for her students. Having gone through years of strict training, Professor Ha tends to be solemn, especially in the past. After 20- plus years of teaching, she is still a conscientious and demanding teacher. For example, she requires students to be punctual, responsible, and to participate actively in classes. But years of experience and self-reflection have also taught her to be patient and to listen to students. Sports as Part of Life Professor Ha runs, jogs, plays basketball, and practises yoga every week. She hopes to motivate people around her to exercise. ‘Basketball is a very demanding sport. I can only play it once every two weeks. It is hard to play like those in their 20s and 30s.’ It is possible to balance work with exercise, even with a busy work schedule. Professor Ha sets an example by adjusting her tempo of life and recognizing the importance of physical activities. 校 園 消 息 CAMPUS NEWS Officiating at the ceremony were Prof. Zhang Donggang (3rd left), deputy director-general, Department of Social Sciences of MOE; Prof. Huang Daren (3rd right), president of SYSU; Prof. Luo Yuanfang (2nd right), deputy director-general, Department of Education of Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government; Mr. Mo Jinqiang (1st right), deputy director-general, Education, Science and Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in HKSAR; and Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (2nd left), CUHK Vice-Chancellor. Dozens of guests from Hong Kong and mainland China witnessed the historic moment. The centre aims at re-examining Chinese history by historical anthropology, a mature discipline. Scholars from the Centre for Historical Anthropology of SYSU and History Department of CUHK have been collaborating closely for the past 20 years in promoting the development of historical anthropology in traditional Chinese society. Riding on such strengths, the the CUHK-SYSU Centre for Historical Anthropology is established to further enhance the partnership of CUHK and SYSU, and help bring the research to new heights of excellence. Prof. David Faure (1st left), CUHK Wei Lun Professor of History and world-renowned scholar of history of Chinese economics and commerce, has been appointed director of the centre.