Newsletter No. 380

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password .   若要瀏覽本部分的資料, 請須輸入 中大校園電子郵件密碼 。 10 No. 380, 19.6.2011 ANNOUNCEMENTS 宣 布 事 項 非教學僱員績效評核和發展制度 Performance Review and Development System (PRDS) for Non- teaching Staff 2010至11年度(即2010年7月1日至2011年6月30日)的非教學僱員績效評核將於2011年 7月展開。評核員請於 下 載本年度之評核報 告表格。評核員填寫評核報告及作評核晤談前,宜於上述網站閱覽《績效評核和發展指 引》、《績效評核和發展(PRD)周期流程表》及《評核報告(第一部分)範例》。 大學已聘請校外顧問協助檢討績效評核和發展制度,並參考工會意見,以令該制度更趨完 善。經檢討後,績效評核和發展制度將於來年(2011至12年度)推出新措施,包括將每項 職責之比重下限由百分之十調整至百分之五(「必要的素質」之比重上下限維持不變),俾 能更適切配合僱員實際的職責分配。此外,評核員為下屬作績效評核的表現,將要納入其 督導下屬的職責範疇內。詳情將於2011年7月透過人事處發出之通函公布。評核員為下屬 訂定來年(2011至12年度)之職責範疇及比重時,須注意上述新措施。 The 2010–11 PRDS review exercise (applicable to all full-time non-teaching appointees), for the period from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011, is to commence in July 2011. Reviewers should download the Review Report for this review exercise at https://perntc.per.cuhk . . Reviewers are also advised to read through the Performance Review and Development (PRD) Guide, Flowchart on PRD Cycle and Samples of completed PRD Reports (Section I) at the same website, before completing the Review Report and meeting the reviewees. The University has undertaken a review of the PRDS with a view to further improving the performance review process. Useful feedback from University employees and staff associations/unions was received and an external consultant was engaged to facilitate the review. As a result, some arrangements/enhancements to PRDS will be introduced in the ensuing (2011–12) review cycle, including adjusting the minimum weighting of each accountability from 10% to 5% (while the permissible range of the weighting for ‘Mandatory Attributes’ remains unchanged), so as to more appropriately reflect the actual work allocation of reviewees. In addition, reviewers’ performance in conducting PRD for their subordinates will be assessed and recorded under their accountability on staff management. Details will be announced in July 2011 via general circular issued by the Personnel Office. Reviewers should pay special attention to the new rules when working out the accountabilities and assigning corresponding weightings for their reviewees in the ensuing (2011–12) review cycle. 訃告 Obituary 中國文化研究所名譽教授陳學霖,痛於2011年6月1日辭世,大學同仁深表哀悼。 陳教授於1992年應聘出任本校歷史學講座教授,並兩度擔任系主任。2000年退休後,仍 任中國文化研究所名譽教授及《中國文化研究所學報》主編。 The University mourns the passing of Prof. Chan Hok-lam, honorary professor at the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), on 1 June 2011. Professor Chan joined the University in 1992 as Professor of History and served two terms as chairman of the Department of History. After his retirement in 2000, he continued to serve the University as honorary professor at the ICS and chief editor of the Journal of Chinese Studies .