Newsletter No. 385

No. 385, 19.10.2011 9 CAMPUS NEWS 校 園 消 息 The hyphen, the en-dash and the em-dash The hyphen is a common punctuation mark used to connect two or more words to form a compound word: one-way state-of-the-art It should be noted that no plural noun should be used in such compound words: six-year-old (not six-years-old ) ten-dollar bill (not ten-dollars bill ) Sometimes, a hyphen is used to connect a short adverb and a verb to form an adjective: a well-taken point a much-admired speech However, if the adverb ends in –ly, no hyphen should be used: a poorly performed act a scientifically proven theory En-dashes and em-dashes are relatively lesser known, but professional editors and typographers should always observe the rules of their application. An en-dash (–), longer than the hyphen, is principally used to connect numbers and means ‘up to and including’: 20–25% the 2013–2015 triennium It can also be used to connect time and places: The National Day holiday is 1–7 October. The Queensway–Wanchai one-way fare is $4. The em-dash (—), the longest of the three, introduces or parenthesizes a phrase or clause which explains or qualifies the foregoing: The images of the tsunami stirred up what lies deep inside each of us— compassion for our fellow human beings. The triennium—which means a period of three years—is almost over. Editor 學位教師教育文憑課程畢業典禮 • Graduation Ceremony of PGDE Programmes 2 011年度學位教師教育文憑課程畢業典禮,已於9月24日於崇基禮拜堂圓滿結束,超 過三百名畢業生和六百位來賓參與盛典。 典禮主禮嘉賓是曾任東華三院學務總主任,亦為中大教育學院校友的韓孝述先生。他勉 勵畢業生要以「小橋流水」的愛心教導學生。演講結束後,韓先生在教育專業課程委員會 主任鍾宇平教授陪同下頒發文憑。林觀勇先生代表畢業生致謝辭。教育學院院長梁湘明 教授則頒發獎狀予五十四位在學科成績及/或教學實習表現卓越的畢業生。 T he 2011 Graduation Ceremony of the PGDE programmes was held on 24 September at Chung Chi Chapel with over 300 graduates and more than 600 guests in attendance. Mr. Hon Hau-sut, former education services secretary of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and an alumnus of the Faculty, was the guest of honour. Apart from addressing the congregation, Mr. Hon presented certificates to graduates, in company with Prof. Chung Yue-ping, Director of Studies in Professional Programmes in Education. After the vote of thanks by Mr. Lam Koon-yung, the graduate representative, Prof. Leung seung-ming Alvin, Dean of Education, presented certificates to 54 graduates who were awarded distinction in course work and/or teaching practice.  范徐麗泰博士演講 • Lecture by Dr. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai 中大發現乙肝患者停藥指標 • New Marker for Disease Control in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients 本 港約有百分之九成年人感染慢性乙型肝炎(乙肝)。 服用抗病毒藥物能抑制乙肝病毒在體內大量複 製,但大部分患者停藥後,病毒會再次活躍。由於醫學界 未能掌握患者停藥的合適時機,患者只好終生服藥。 「乙肝表面抗原」(HBsAg)是乙肝病毒製造的獨有蛋白 質。中大肝臟護理中心的研究人員分析了五十三位已服用 抗病毒藥物拉米夫定平均三年的乙肝患者,發現在九名停 藥前乙肝表面抗原低於或等於100 IU/ml的患者中,七人停 藥一年後病情沒有復發;而在其餘四十四位停藥前的乙肝 表面抗原高於100 IU/ml的病人,當中四十二人在治療結束 的一年內病情復發。  因此,「乙肝表面抗原」水平低於或等於100 IU/ml,可作為 停藥指標。中大建議正在服用抗病毒藥物的乙肝患者,應 定期進行乙肝表面抗原定量血液測試,以決定停藥的最合 適時間。 C hronic hepatitis B affects about 9% of the adult population in Hong Kong. Nowadays, oral antiviral drugs are very effective in suppressing the replication of hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, most patients experience relapse of hepatitis after stopping the antiviral drug. As doctors have little guidance on the timing of stopping medication, most patients are put on life-long treatment. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) is a unique protein produced by HBV. Researchers at the Center for Liver Health at CUHK monitored 53 chronic hepatitis B patients who were treated by lamivudine for an average of three years. The researchers found that seven of the nine patients who achieved HBsAg of ≤100 IU/ml at the end of lamivudine treatment did not have a relapse one year after stopping medication, while relapse occurred in 42 of the 44 patients with HBsAg levels >100 IU/ml at the end of treatment. In conclusion, an HBsAg level of ≤100 IU/ml is a good predictor for disease control after stopping antiviral therapy. Therefore, CUHK recommends regular monitoring of serum HBsAg in chronic hepatitis B patients on antiviral drugs to decide when to stop therapy.  中大肝臟護理中心主任陳力元教授(右)及內科及藥物治療學系 黃煒燊副教授 Prof. Chan Lik-yuen Henry (right), director, Center for Liver Health; and Prof. Wong Wai-sun Vincent, associate professor, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics 中 華人民共和國第十一屆全國人民代表大會常務委 員會委員范徐麗泰博士應逸夫書院邀請,在10月 7日蒞臨中大,擔任書院聚會的嘉賓講者。她以「領導:情 為民所繫」為題,與一千四百名中大學生分享高見。  D r. the Honourable Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, member of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, shared her views on ‘Leadership: With the People, for the People’ with some 1,400 students at a Shaw College assembly on 7 October.