Newsletter No. 396

No. 396, 19.4.2012 5 The school defeated the bank Any writer of English should know better than to use more words than are necessary to express one idea or thought at a time. But to avoid prolixity is one thing, to be able to combine economy with style is another. Tom Adams, in an exemplary piece of sport journalism, describes the outcome of the clash between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF with a one-liner: The school defeated the bank. 1 The subject of the sentence refers to the fact that the majority of Barcelona’s brilliant young players come from its own academy, whereas Real Madrid’s business model, to use a fashionable word, is to pay hefty sums to attract world- famous footballers, hence bank . Adams has used five simple English words to not only deliver the result of El Clásico but also pass judgment on the two footballing philosophies. The first person to propose the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe is the Belgium Catholic priest Georges Lemaître (1894–1966), who later became president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Roger G. Newton, in reviewing John D. Barrow’s The Book of Universes for TLS , comments on the appointment: Rome was not always hostile to science. 2 These are not topic sentences, which are found at the beginning of paragraphs to adumbrate the ensuing arguments. They are verbal dessert that completes and relishes the previous serving. Editor 1 Tom Adams, ‘Barca simply the best after Real rout’,, 29 November 2010. 2 Roger G. Newton, ‘Reconciles’, TLS , 24 June 2011, p. 32. 中大六科研項目榮獲教育部獎項 • CUHK Receives Six Awards from Ministry of Education 中 大於國家教育部頒 發的2011年度高等 學校科學研究優秀成果獎 (科學技術)中,共獲六項 殊榮,包括三項自然科學獎 一等獎、兩項科技進步獎 一等獎及一項科技進步獎 二等獎,獲獎數目為全港之 冠。頒獎典禮於3月29日假 逸夫書院大講堂舉行,國 家教育部科技發展中心副 主任周靜博士( 右 )親臨向中大頒贈證書,由沈祖堯校長 ( 左 )代表接受。得獎名單及研究項目如下︰ • 自然科學獎一等獎︰黃家星教授( 左一 )、莫仲棠教授 ( 右二 )、梁慧康教授、陳向燕博士( 右一 )和余俊豪教 授( 左二 )─「顱內大動脈病變腦卒中的流行病學、診 斷、發病機制、影像學和治療」;王鈞教授─「神經動力 學優化模型及應用」;以及陳漢夫教授─「解Toeplitz 系統的迭代法及其應用」 • 科技進步獎一等獎︰余卓文教授、陳日新醫生、林逸賢 教授、李沛威教授、張慶教授和房芳教授─「超聲心動 圖技術在心力衰竭預防、診斷、治療、預後中的創新應 用」;以及王毅翔教授、梁湛輝教授─「磁共振分子影 像和功能影像研究和應用」 • 科技進步獎二等獎︰陳家亮教授、劉潤皇教授、沈祖堯 校長和趙偉仁教授─「消化性潰瘍出血防治的療法創 新和技術改革」。 T he Chinese University received six Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) from the Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2011, including three first-class awards in natural sciences, two first-class awards and one second-class award in technology advancement, making it the institution that received the highest number of awards in the local tertiary sector. The award presentation ceremony was held on 29 March at the lecture theatre of Shaw College. Dr. Zhou Jing ( right ), deputy director-general of the Centre for Science and Technology Development of the MoE, was invited to Hong Kong as the prize presenter. Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung ( left ), Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, represented the University to receive the award certificate from Dr. Zhou. The award-receiving professors and their projects are: • First-class award in natural sciences: Prof. Wong Ka-sing Lawrence ( 1st left ), Prof. Mok Chung-tong Vincent ( 2nd right ), Prof. Leung Wai-hong Thomas, Dr. Chen Xiangyan ( 1st right ) and Prof. Yu Chun-ho Simon ( 2nd left )—‘Intracranial Large Artery Atherosclerotic Stroke: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Pathogenesis, Imaging and Treatment’; Prof. Wang Jun—‘Neurodynamic Optimization Model Design and Applications’; Prof. Chan Hon-fu Raymond—‘Iterative Solvers for Toeplitz Systems and their Applications’ • First-class award in technology advancement: Prof. Yu Cheuk-man, Dr. Chan Yat-sun Joseph, Prof. Lam Yat- yin, Prof. Lee Pui-wai Alex, Dr. Zhang Qing and Dr. Fang Fang—‘Novel Echocardiographic Applications for Heart Failure—From Prevention to Treatment’; Prof. Wang Yixiang and Prof. Leung Cham-fai Ken— ‘Study and Application of Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging and Functional Imaging’ • Second-class award in technology advancement: Prof. Chan Ka-leung Francis, Prof. Lau Yun-wong James, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung and Prof. Chiu Wai-yan Philip—‘Innovations and Technological Advancement in Preventing Peptic Ulcer Bleeding’. 校 園 消 息 CAMPUS NEWS 《安得樂土避世鄉》 入學及學生資助處助理主任陳敬航攝影作品 A Perfect Hideaway from the Secular World Photo by Chan King-hong, Executive Officer I, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 藝 文 風 景 A TOUCH OF CLASS