Newsletter No. 396

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password .   若要瀏覽本部分的資料, 請須輸 入 中大校園電子郵件密碼 。 No. 396, 19.4.2012 7 O 宣 布 事 項 ANNOUNCEMENTS 人 事 動 態 詩人蓋瑞.施耐德訪港 Poet Gary Snyder Visits Hong Kong 由中文大學東亞研究中心主辦的「國際詩人在香港」於4月22至24日舉行,第四位應邀訪港的是美國當代最重 要詩人之一蓋瑞.施耐德。歡迎公眾人士參加,查詢請致電何小姐(3943 6548)或張小姐(3943 6546)。 Organized by the Centre for East Asian Studies at CUHK, ‘International Poets in Hong Kong’ will take place from 22 to 24 April. Its fourth guest, Gary Snyder, is one of the most important contemporary American poets. All are welcome. For details, please contact Miss Ho (3943 6548) or Miss Cheung (3943 6546). 22.4.2012 4:00 – 6:00 pm 與讀者見面—詩歌朗誦、問答及簽名會 尖沙咀美麗華商場商務印書館 Meeting the readers (symposium, sharing and autograph session) Tsimshatsui Book Centre – The Commercial Press, Miramar Shopping Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui 24.4.2012 4:00 – 5:30 pm 詩歌朗誦會(著名古琴演奏家姚公白先生同場演奏) 香港中文大學鄭裕彤樓一號演講廳 Poetry recitation (Mr. Yao Gongbai will perform Guqin ) Lecture Theatre 1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK 2010 – 11教學人員年度考績 2010–11 Annual Appraisal Exercise for Teaching Staff 人事處已就教學人員評審事宜發出通函(編號︰GC10/2011),有關教 學人員2010 – 11年度考績安排(編號︰GC03/2012)亦已公布。詳情可 瀏覽人事處網頁 tabid/72/Default.aspx 。 Further to the general circular on the annual staff review exercise for teaching staff (No.: GC10/2011), details on the annual appraisal exercise for 2010–11 (No.: GC03/2012) are now available. For details, please refer to the Personnel Office website: www.per. tabid/72/Default.aspx.