Newsletter No. 399

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password .   若要瀏覽本部分的資料, 請須輸 入 中大校園電子郵件密碼 。 No. 399, 4.6.2012 11 CAMPUS NEWS 校 園 消 息 人 事 動 態 PERSONAL 中美語言學家探討中文文法 • Sino-US Linguists Analyze Chinese Grammar 由 中國文化研究所吳多泰中國語文研究中心舉辦、中國語言及文學 系協辦、聯合書院贊助的漢語詞序研討會於5月17日舉行,探討 漢語語法問題。邀請紐約大學Richard S. Kayne教授和台灣清華大學 蔡維天教授發表主題演講,南加州大學李豔惠教授為大會作總結報告。 T he Symposium on Word Order in Chinese was held on 17 May, focusing on various grammatical properties of the Chinese language. Prof. Richard S. Kayne of New York University and Prof. Tsai Wei-tien Dylan of Tsing Hua University of Taiwan delivered the keynote speeches, and Prof. Li Yenhui Audrey of University of Southern California gave the concluding remarks. This symposium was organized by T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre of the Institute of Chinese Studies, co-organized by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and sponsored by the United College.