Newsletter No. 474

哈佛大學政治哲學教授邁可 • 桑德爾於3月11日蒞臨中大,以個人名著《錢買不到的東西:金錢與正義的攻防》為題演講,與全場近一千五百位觀眾互動,獲 得熱烈迴響。 Prof. Michael Sandel of Harvard University visited CUHK on 11 March and delivered a talk entitled ‘What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets’, based on his New York Times bestseller, to more than 1,500 audience members. 金錢是否萬能? Money isn’t everything? 目錄 CONTENTS 2 特寫 Feature 人事新貌,整裝待發 A New Kid in Town 4 好人好事 Fine Folks Fine Deeds 擦亮雲的銀邊 Living the Legacy of Love 6 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 7 字裏高科 Tech Talks 7 寶健保健 Wealth In Health 8 口談實錄 Viva Voce 綠色校園的物業管理 (頁8) Estates Management for a Green Campus ( p. 8 ) Photo by ISO staff 編見 艾略特《荒原》第一句:「四月是最殘忍的一個月,⋯⋯」 說四月殘忍,無疑是一種詩的表現手法。但我們中為數不少的同事,都應該對即將推行的 「中大人事信息系統」感到惶惑。 我們訪問了新系統的幾位項目經理以及不同部門不同崗位的同事,聽聽他們對新系統的看 法,發覺原來支持的意見要比疑慮的多。四月,一點也不會殘忍。 很少遺憾的故事會好像今期〈好人好事〉那個,愈看愈讓人感覺得到很多。積極支持中大 腦癌研究的陳敏亮,把對亡夫的憶念化成一樁又一樁的善舉。她的愛,恆永充盈;她的故 事,振奮人心。為提高腦癌意識的慈善步行「腦前行」,也是她致力推動的活動之一,將於 四月二十三日舉行。四月,可一點也不殘忍。 林耀華(圖)領導的是全大學最大的服務單位,今期〈口談實錄〉為你介紹這位到任將近半 年的物業管理處處長,並聽聽他會怎樣帶領團隊更上層樓。 Editorially Speaking ‘April is the cruelest month, …’ T. S. Eliot thus begins The Waste Land . To character April as cruel or cruelest is no doubt an exercise in poetic licence. But it is probably not far from the truth to say that quite a few of us harbour quite a few doubts about the imminent launching of the CUHK Personnel Information System (CUPIS). The Newsletter talked to the project managers of CUPIS and a few colleagues from different offices and levels of responsibility. As readers will find out, there’s actually more support than skepticism in those who will find CUPIS a companion on a daily basis. April will not be so cruel after all. Few stories of loss would have inspired as much gain as that told in ‘Fine Folks Fine Deeds’ in these pages. Ms. Jennifer Chen, an ardent supporter of CUHK’s brain cancer initiatives, has turned the remembrance of her late husband into philanthropic endeavours one after another. Hers is an uplifting story of love both enduring and encompassing. ‘Brain Trekking’, a walking campaign to raise fund and awareness of brain cancer supported by Jennifer, will be held on 23 April. April cannot be cruel, after all. Mr. Edmond Lam ( photo ) heads the largest service unit of CUHK. Read ‘Viva Voce’ and get to know the Director of Estates Management who’s been on board for six months and learn how he will lead his team. 474 • 19.3.2016 1 474 19 • 3 • 2016