CUHK Passions and Pursuits

A Rare Talent for a Rare Disease 4
Courting Miss Minutest 6
Do Asian Family Businesses Self-destruct? 10
The Big Bang of Plant Vacuoles 12
Bean for the Future 16
Feeling the Heat? 18
Before a Star Is Born 20
Let There Be Sight 22
Taking Snapshots of the Future 24
Mobile and Malleable 28
Taking Aim at a Deadly Enemy 30
Taking Temperature of a Fevered City 34
So Much to Stomach 36
Fixing a Loose Screw 38
Teaching the Autistic to Articulate 40
What's Bred in the Bone 42
Reading Laughter and Tears 46
Special Delivery in a Smart City 48
Tapping Water and Sunlight 50
The Fruit Cracker 52