Newsletter No. 522

Features 2
Smart Monitoring of a Vast Sewage System 2
Meet CUHK's Next Generation 4
News Tweets 5
Using Microbes to Lose Weight 5
All's Well That Ends Well 5
Joining the Pacific Rim League 5
Demystifying 'Little Brain' Deterioration 5
Shedding Light on the Future of AI 5
Promoting Hong Kong's Higher Education 5
Yau Shing-tung on His 30 Years at Harvard 6
Revealing Technology Development Strategies 6
Claiming Silver at the Asian Games 6
Championship 17 Years in a Row for the Rowing Team 6
Announcements 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 6
Change of Opening Hours of University Swimming Pool 6
ARTiculation 7
Keeping a Cool Head 7
Doctors' Note 7
The Many Faces of Diabetes 7
Viva Voce 8
Jonathan Lee 8