Newsletter No. 531

In Plain View 2
What's Bred in the Bone…Comes Out in Wisdom 2
News Tweets 4
Plant Vacuole Biogenesis Unravelled 4
Let the City Breathe 4
Invention Oscar for Nano 3D Printing 4
A No-frills Tool for Flu Diagnosis 4
Paradise for Little Readers 4
New Inroads into Old Wisdom 5
A Big Gift to Education 5
Cultivate a Positive Workplace 5
Two Professors Elected IEEE Fellows 5
All the World’s Her Stage 5
A New Chapter in Sustainability 5
Our Beloved Uncle Por 5
Newly Onboard 6
Announcements 6
Reappointed Council Member 6
Appointments 6
Information on Overall Performance Rating and Merit Increment (for Non-teaching Staff) to be Accessed via CUPIS 6
Concert by the McCain Duo—Heritage: Music by American Composers 6
Midday Oasis Lunchtime Concerts 6
Tech Talk 7
The Medium is the Massage 7
ARTSpirin 7
A Curious Time Travel to the Old Hong Kong 7
Viva Voce 8
Prof. Yuen Siu-fai From Stage to School 8