Newsletter No. 544

Master of Much: An interview with Prof. Nicholas Rawlins 2
Filial Piety Pays: David Faure tells you why being good to your parents makes perfect commercial sense 4
Scholarly Pursuits 5
A Magnetic Solution: Wong Po-keung on a quest to purify contaminated water 5
News Tweets 6
Maecenas’s Gift 6
State-of-the-art Screening for Babies-to-be 6
Green Champion Heads for Oxford 6
Announcements 6
Emeritus Professor 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 6
Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995) Investment Forum 6
The Opening of the Seventh Nursing Room on Campus 6
ARTiculation 7
Thirty Year Challenge 7
Health Matters 7
Don't Seize the Day—Seize the Morning 7
Remarkables 8