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Hsing Yun's Words to Young Learners

Grand Master Hsing Yun (4th left), Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (4th right), CUHK Vice-Chancellor, and five CUHK students were engaged in a discussion themed 'Embrace Our Culture; Empower Our Future—A Dialogue with CUHK Students on Humanistic Concerns at Its 50th Anniversary' on 8 April. Over 800 participants were in attendance, including staff, students and members of the public. Students asked Master Hsing Yun a number of questions, including 'What are the keys to a fruitful life?' 'How can we cope with difficult situations?' and 'How does humanistic education relate to our lives and learning?' The Master replied that we must all endure suffering during the course of learning. As a young monk, he received harsh training in a monastery and it was this that prepared him for the life of a Buddhist practitioner. He also said that humanistic education can help to eliminate selfish thoughts and obstinacy, which benefits the self and others, and paves the way to enlightenment, in the end benefiting the entire society.