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In Greek mythology, the nine Muses live on Mount Olympus. The hilly CUHK is equally hospitable to the Muses.

This year sees poetic pursuits everywhere on campus. Students versify, scrawl on and read from the blackboards, the whiteboards and the glass walls on different campus locations, collectively scripting a bountiful season in literary awareness and creation. The power of words has asserted itself resoundingly. And people are asking for more. Writing of and about life at CUHK will be a continuing occupation.

The Power of Words’ builds with words. Prof. Edward Ng builds with stones. He has conquered many a treacherous crossing in faraway regions on the mainland and put thousands of small children onto safer treks to school. Recently he and Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung led a team of volunteers to Gansu to help build a bridge which was named the CUHK Golden Jubilee Wu Zhi Qiao. One of our editors joined the team and took part in the voluntary work. His eye-witness account should not be missed.

Louise Jones, the new University Librarian who assumed office in January, gave the first media interview to the Newsletter since coming to CUHK. In ‘Thus Spake…’, she unfolds her career story and tells you why she has travelled afar from Leicester, UK, to take up the appointment in Hong Kong. She also talks about the great impact of information technology on the way we read, learn and use the library. Just flip a few more pages to ‘Then vs Now’ where a photograph will bring you back to the time when studies or scholarship, depending on which side of the lectern you’re at, always began with a manual search of library catalogue cards.