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Psychology Postgraduates Receive Overseas Training Awards

Four clinical psychology postgraduate students: (from left) Chan Ka-yan Janice, Lam Chuk-nga Lana, Tong Ho-yee Backy, and Chan Wing-yan Winnie, have been granted the Providence Foundation Limited Overseas Training Awards, which support them to take training programmes in the US this coming summer.

Janice and Lana will go to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), renowned for its neuropsychology programme. Janice believes that UCSD's state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in clinical neuropsychology will be beneficial to her professional development in this field. Lana treasures the opportunity to join the clinical neuropsychology programme and to learn more about this field in a real-life setting.

Backy and Winnie will attend Boston University which is strong in cognitive-behavioural therapy on anxiety and related disorders. Backy said, 'The opportunity to learn about the psychological assessment and treatment for different psychiatric disorders, in particular anxiety disorders and related challenges, at Boston University will be most valuable.' Winnie also looks forward to the clinical training at Boston University which would enable her to learn from clinical psychologists and researchers who are prominent figures in the field.