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Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium Opens

The Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium was officially opened on 22 May. Established by the late Prof. Hu Shiu-ying, honorary professor of Chinese medicine and honorary senior research fellow of the School of Life Sciences, the herbarium houses a collection of about 38,000 plant specimens, the most comprehensive in Hong Kong. In memory of Professor Hu's lifelong devotion and contributions to botanical research, a Chinese holly was planted in the garden of the Divinity School Chapel and the President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building during the ceremony.

The herbarium, situated in the Science Centre, promotes various research, education and social service programmes, including the collection and preservation of protected native flora, research on authentication of economic and medicinal plants, digitization of the existing collection to form an online botanical information database, establishment of a visitor centre and public website, as well as organization of courses, public lectures and volunteer programmes.

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