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Three Research Projects Receive Grants

  1. A Cross-cultural Study of Family Influences on Executive Functions in Late Childhood (HK$348,200)
    Sponsor: Economic and Social Research Council/Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme
    Principal investigator: Prof. Ng Fei-yin Florrie, Department of Educational Psychology
  2. Hong Kong Sign Language Recognition with Microsoft Kinect (HK$998,200)
    Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Fund—Innovation and Technology Support Programme
    Principal investigator: Prof. Xu Qiang, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  3. A Cloud-based Smartphones Security Forensic and Evaluation System (HK$997,950)
    Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Fund, Lakoo Games Limited and Tencent Inc.
    Principal investigator: Prof. Lui Chi-shing John, Department of Computer Science and Engineering