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Swords and shields are what people, or at least people from the chivalric past, fight with. But in other times and circumstances they are also symbols of honours and recognition. The last but not least article conferred on Prof. Jao Tsung-I by the representative of the Institut de France is an academician's sword, made in the likeness of the one putatively carried by the King of the Yue State in the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China. A crowning achievement. Congratulations to Professor Jao!

In its first years the Chinese University was granted a coat of arms by the College of Arms in London. 'The Galleria' shows a document from the College in which the University emblem and the school colours are given. Read it and learn a few Latin words.

In 'Thus Spake…', Prof. Jenny So tells us why she had also started with some oldies and goodies, in her case, Chinese antiquities such as bronzes and jades from a few millennia back.

To come back to the dizzying present, we present a story on internet security and hackers who are trying to find inroads into CUHK's network on an increasingly frequent basis since Edward Snowden's honorary mention of CUHK. The battle is now fought not with swords and shields but with passwords and firewalls. Read the article, dispels some myths and learn a few tricks of self-defence in the cyberspace.