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A Summer Abroad for United College Students

Learning about British culture and history at the University of Oxford
Visiting the Centennial Parklands in Sydney to learn about wetland management
Attending culture and English language programme at the University of Edinburgh
Learning about the French culture in Lyon
Attending a Chinese culture and language programme at Shaanxi Normal University
Student volunteers from United College, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan and Tsinghua University, Beijing, organizing a one-day visit to CUHK for the students of the Spastics Association of Hong Kong

This summer some 180 United College students on the College's 2013 Summer GOAL Programme went abroad to attend courses that would advance their language skills and to experience the local culture. Places and universities visited by the students included Washington, DC; Universite Catholique de Lyon; University of Sydney; Utrecht University; the University of Oxford; Shaanxi Normal University; and the University of Edinburgh. Some of the students also took part in a service learning programme in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing.