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Miss Tai Lihua, President of the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe

Miss Tai Lihua

A world-renowned art troupe, the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe was named 'Artist for Peace' by UNESCO. The programme performed for the University, like that of their usual performances, was tailored with the aims of bringing the dreams of the performers to stage, presenting 'truth, honesty and virtue' to the audience. Miss Tai Lihua, president of the troupe, said, 'The audience was very enthusiastic. They refused to leave even after several curtain calls.'

The troupe stayed in the hostel of Lee Woo Sing College during their visit, which Miss Tai said gave them a feeling of home compared to hotels. 'Our performers and staff like the campus and the atmosphere. There's harmony between people. Staff and students are kind and helpful which narrows the distance between us.'

During the visit, troupe members participated in the high-table dinner of the College and hosted a dancing experience class on the evening of 4 October. Some 20 staff and students attended the class and learnt sign-language dance. In addition, the experts demonstrated some of the movements in Thousand-hand Bodhisattva. Miss Tai observed, 'This is the first time we hosted this kind of activity for participants who are not dancers. I could feel their enthusiasm in learning.'

On the day before departure, members of the troupe saw a note on the notice board: 'Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful performance.' Miss Tai said, 'We were impressed and wrote "thank you". Many thanks indeed to the staff of Lee Woo Sing College for their arrangement and care.'