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The University mourns the passing of two outstanding persons who have made significant contributions to the University.

  • Dr. the Honourable Run Run Shaw, GBM, life member of the Council and Patron of Shaw College, passed away on 7 January. Dr. Shaw became a member of the Board of Trustees of United College in 1967. After serving as chairman of United College and member of the University Council for many years, Dr. Shaw was appointed honorary chairman and a permanent trustee of the Board of United College in 1991, and a life member of the University Council in 1992.

    Dr. Shaw has bestowed various generous gifts on the University, including a large auditorium and an academic building. The creation of the fourth College at CUHK, Shaw College, was made possible by a donation of HK$110 million by Dr. Shaw in 1986. In April 2011, Dr. Shaw and Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited made a magnanimous donation of shares of Television Broadcasts Limited worth about HK$100 million to CUHK in support of the University’s development, and the establishment of scholarships and bursaries for students of Shaw College. At the end of 2012, Dr. Shaw, again through his foundation, made a generous donation in support of the University’s educational initiatives in Shenzhen.
  • Prof. Lee Shiu-hung, Emeritus Professor of Community Medicine and Honorary Fellow of CUHK, passed away on 9 January. Professor Lee was appointed as Professor of Community Medicine and as chairman of the Department of Community and Family Medicine at CUHK in 1994. Professor Lee advocated the establishment of a school of public health at CUHK. In 2001, the first School of Public Health in Hong Kong was established at CUHK. Professor Lee was appointed as the founding director. Professor Lee devoted much of his time and energy towards the development of community and family medicine, and the promotion of public health. He set up the programmes in public health and epidemiology, and the master’s programme in health education. He pioneered the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, started the training programmes for primary and secondary teachers on health education and in promoting the healthy school projects.