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A Rewarding Summer for United College Students

Students taking part in the Service Learning Internship Programme in a school at Mae Sot, Thailand
Forty-one students learn about Australia's environmental protection efforts by taking a summer course at the University of Sydney
Twenty-two students go to Scotland for a Summer Culture and English Language Programme at the University of Edinburgh
Forty students attend the summer courses ‘European Cultures and Identities’ and ‘European Politics’ offered by the Utrecht University in the Netherlands
Twenty-five students take an intensive French course at the Université Catholique de Lyon, France
Fourteen students learn English language and deepen their understanding of British culture and history at Hertford College of the University of Oxford
Nine students provide voluntary teaching in a primary school at Hu county, Shaanxi province

This summer over 210 United College students on the College's 2014 Summer GOAL Programme went abroad to attend courses that would advance their language skills and to experience the local culture. Places and universities visited by the students included Université Catholique de Lyon; University of Sydney; Utrecht University; Hertford College, the University of Oxford; the University of Edinburgh; Shaanxi Normal University. Some of the students also took part in a cross-strait social service student exchange programme named 'Pass-it-on: Service Learning Programme by United College and Cross-strait Tsinghua', providing voluntary services in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing. The College also held the College Service Learning Internship Programme. Twenty students participated in the programmes coordinated by the non-government organizations in Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar, volunteering at local schools, a natural farm and toy libraries. The students interacted with children from low-income families and the underprivileged in society.


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