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Editor's Note

We have all had the experience of being overwhelmed by the grandeur of the universe and feeling our own smallness and insignificance. Evolution and creation are essential for examining the origin of the universe, even if they do not seem to offer final answers. Is there intent behind evolution? Rev. Louis Ha discusses this and more from the perspectives of religion and society.

It's hardly a secret that speeches by political leaders and heads of organizations are often penned by ghost writers. What distinguishes an excellent speech from a run-of-the-mill one? H shares a tip or two with a young executive tasked with this important responsibility.

The desire to express is the fountain of creation. There are quite a number of creative minds among CUHK staff. Prof. Donna Chu of the School of Journalism and Communication shares with us her journey of creation and revitalization of the last two years. Perhaps after reading, you would want to embark on the same.


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