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CUP Corner

Behind the glass door, two massive walls of bookshelves over 15 feet tall climb all the way up to the second floor of the building. At the end of the hall of books is a raised platform carpeted with tatami mats and inviting cushions. A small terrace paved with white gravel just beyond the window amplifies the Zen-like atmosphere. Welcome to CUP Corner, a bookstore newly opened by the Chinese University Press.

Recalling why the Chinese University Press exists, the former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ambrose King once said it is because, as the founding Vice-Chancellor Dr. Li Choh-ming believed, CUP is an organic part of CUHK in the first place. Established in 1977 as the publishing house of the University, CUP has been releasing quality scholarly titles and acting as a CUHK publications sales portal.

In this leisure reading area, CUP Corner showcases publications from the house and the Faculties as well as the research centres and departments of CUHK.

Visitors will discover exciting content from over a thousand titles across subjects of interest, such as classic Chinese fiction, award-winning contemporary poetry, best-selling political biographies, historical and sociological studies, ancient and contemporary philosophical texts, bilingual editions of treasured literary works, art catalogues, as well as current titles on management, education, and natural sciences. Why not pay a visit on a warm winter afternoon, pick a book, and set your spirit free?


The Chinese University Press, Lady Ho Tung Hall

Opening Hours

9:00 am─1:00 pm; 2:00 pm─5:30 pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


All titles are 20% off for CUHK staff, students and alumni (except discounted items and audio/video products)


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