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Intermediate Examination Question Papers (1971)

In 1967, the Chinese University held its first Intermediate Examination for undergraduates to test the candidates' working knowledge of the basic principles of their chosen fields and taken courses. The Intermediate Examinations were generally held in June and comprised two sections: language tests on Chinese and English, and subject tests on candidate's major and minor subjects, as well as elective field of studies. Students who had completed their second year in the University had to take the examination and passing it was a prerequisite for promotion to the third year. Students could be promoted to the third year even if they failed one of the language tests, but they had to pass both tests before being admitted to the fourth year. In January 1969, the University announced that the language tests would be administered by the Colleges. In addition, the test on elective fields would be eliminated. The Intermediate Examination was abolished in 1974. Since then, promotion to the third year has been subjected to students' coursework assessments and course examinations.

The Intermediate Examination Question Papers are now on display in the University Gallery.


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