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RMB Bank Deposit Fund under the 1995 Scheme

The 1995 Scheme has established a RMB Bank Deposit Fund as a new investment option, which will be made available to scheme members from 1 February. The new fund will be managed by the University and the operation will be similar to existing currency fund options, i.e., respective members' balances being switched into this fund will be pooled together for bank deposit placements with various local banks which offer competitive deposit rates. As it is a non-HKD currency fund, members are reminded that the fund will carry foreign exchange risk. The introduction of the fund does not connote the University or scheme trustees' view that RMB Bank Deposit Fund is a preferred investment option.

Members who want to change investment option can download the form from the Bursary website.

For effecting the new investment option(s) on 1 February, please submit the Investment Option Change Form to the Payroll and Superannuation Unit on or before 22 January. For details, please call 3943 7244 or 3943 7236.


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