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Low-Carbon Kungfu Cookery

Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (centre, 2nd row) and Prof. Nelson Chen (3rd right, 2nd row), director of the School of Architecture, with guests and participants (Photo by Keith Hiro)
Donnie Yen (2nd left) sowing seeds alongside his spouse Cissy Wang (1st left), Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (2nd right), and convenor of the Rooftop Cultivation Project Prof. Thomas Chung (1st right) (Photo by Keith Hiro)
From left: Spring pancake making demo by chef and author Alvina Chan, Cissy Wang, CEO of DotAsia Edmon Chung, and Michelin-star chef Kenny Chan using vegetables harvested from the rooftop farm. Spring pancakes are eaten to celebrate the arrival of spring (Photo by Keith Hiro)

What could action star Donnie Yen be doing on the rooftop farm of the AITB on 6 February? Not beating up villains for sure. Yen and his spouse Cissy Wang were there as the founders of a charity Go.Asia that partnered with the CUHK School of Architecture to launch a luminous harvest-cooking-seed sowing event that aimed at drawing attention to the importance of a low-carbon lifestyle and expressing support for local farming practices.


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