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Interweaving Flowers with Poetry, Film and Music

The Chung Brothers, a local band, performing the theme song Those Unplanted Flowers which was composed for the festival
After the screening of the film, Murmur of the Hearts, Ms. Sylvia Chang (right), director, and Ms. Angelica Lee, actress, share their journey of creation and realization through performance
Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor, reading a poem by Buddhist monk Hong Yi
No wonder CUHK people are said to be book lovers. Night Reading was well-attended until its closing at midnight
Setting a crescent moon above Lake Ad Excellentiam to symbolize incompleteness and match the date of the party being held, i.e., the 14th day of the second month of the lunar calendar
The Yellow Door was first conceived to be a space where students could write out their unspoken verses but later students were given bamboo slips to write on instead
Liu Ka-shiang, Taiwanese author, shares on the United College lawn his discoveries of Hong Kong's lesserknown natural scenery

This spring, the campus is immersed in a sea of flowers as usual, but this year, it's also filled with poetry and music. With the theme of 'Those Unplanted Flowers', the one-month long I‧CARE Floral Festival was held again in March. Activities held included lectures, outings, a reading club, and film screening and sharing, to encourage students and staff to express themselves through music, poetry, words and images.

On 2 April, the festival held its finale party beside Lake Ad Excellentiam, which was decorated with sculptures and special lighting effects. Chessboards, Chinese tea and traditional Hakka snacks were prepared for the participants' enjoyment. On the lawn, students, alumni and teachers shared music and poetry.


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