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Art Museum Exhibition

The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware

Date: From now to 4 October 2015

Venue: Gallery II & IV, Art Museum

Jointly presented by the Art Museum, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, the exhibition aims to demonstrate and explore the artistic achievement and development of Yixing zisha stoneware, as well as its cultural significance and social impact. The exhibits include 168 items from the Bei Shan Tang Collection of the Art Museum and 50 items from the K.S. Lo Collection of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. The exhibition presents two main themes. The first theme—the Culture and Connoisseurship of Yixing Teapot—is divided into seven sections: the story of Gongchun teapot; works attributed to or by masters of the late Ming and early Qing; significance and influence of Mansheng teapots; Mengchen teapot and Gongfu tea; the late Qing to early Republic era and forgeries; contemporary achievement; and Yixing export and its influence. The second theme centres on the uses of Yixing stoneware beyond tea culture, with special focuses on archaistic vessels, elegant items for the scholar's studio, and realistic sculptures.


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