Annual Report 2017–18

精研探微 格物知新 Exceeding the Limits of Today for a New Tomorrow 35 Fellowship of National Academy of Inventors Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) of the US as a Fellow of the organization in its annual conference on 5 April 2018. Internationally renowned for his research in musculoskeletal tissue engineering, Professor Tuan has made significant contributions to both basic science and translational research. IEEE Fellows Prof. Jia Jiaya, Prof. Chandra Nair, and Prof. Xu Jianbin of the Faculty of Engineering were elected Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of 2018. CAS Membership Prof. Xie Zuowei of the Department of Chemistry was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2017 in praise of his achievements in organic chemistry. 發明家學會院士 中大校長段崇智教授於2018年4月5日美國 發明家學會年度會議上,獲頒美國發明家學 會院士頭銜。段教授為世界知名肌肉骨骼組 織工程學專家,對基本科學和應用研究貢獻 殊多。 IEEE院士 工程學院賈佳亞教授、Chandra Nair教授、 許建斌教授,獲選為2018年度電機及電子工 程師學會(IEEE)院士。 中國科學院院士 化學系謝作偉教授獲選為2017年度中國科 學院院士,表揚他在有機化學範疇的成就。 賈佳亞教授 Chandra Nair教授 許建斌教授 Prof. Jia Jiaya Prof. Chandra Nair Prof. Xu Jianbin 謝作偉教授 Prof. Xie Zuowei 段崇智教授 Prof. Rocky S. Tuan