Annual Report 2018–19

源源創意 Innovation 15 製造人體組織 李嘉豪教授成功以幹細胞製造人體組 織,有望進一步研製具特定修補功能的 組織,用於修復心臟及肝臟等重要器官。 李教授正與外科學系合作,研究利用幹 細胞製造耳朵軟體,以治療患上小耳症 的兒童。 Manufacturing human tissues Prof. Kenneth Lee has worked out how to manufacture human tissue from stem cells, which could lead to the creation of functional patches of tissues for the heart and the liver. He is also working with the Department of Surgery to use stem cells to form soft cartilage that could be shaped into ears to cure a condition known as microtia.