Annual Report 2018–19

36 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2018–2019 納米機械人模擬動物轉換群體 形態助研發標靶治療 張立教授(右)將動物集體行動的特性 引入納米機械人,成功控制納米機械人 群體根據環境轉變形態。張教授藉調 節磁場引導分子,有望可應用於標靶治 療。其研究刊載於頂尖國際期刊 Nature Communications 。 Swarming tactic for nanorobots suggests novel delivery of drugs in the body Prof. Zhang Li (right) developed the use of nanorobots that swarm, allowing them to change shape according to their environment. The tactic presents applications for targeted drug delivery in the body, using a magnetic field to direct particles to the right destination, research that he outlined in the journal Nature Communications .