Annual Report 2018–19

知識轉移 Knowledge Transfer 37 中大教授發明全息納米3D打印機 陳世祈教授及其團隊研發了數碼全息納 米3D打印機。該打印機能以高速印製結 構複雜而精細的組件,尤其適合機械人 技術、先進材料、藥物傳輸技術的研發需 要,並獲得有「創科界奧斯卡」之稱的全 球R&D100年獎嘉許。 Engineer invents digital holography-based nano- builder Engineer Chen Shih-chi and his team have developed a digital holography-based 3D nano-builder. The device can combine nano-scale components with complex structures at high speed, useful in fields such as robotics, metamaterials and drug delivery. The invention has also won the R&D 100 Award, dubbed the ‘Oscar of Invention’, for its ingenuity.