Annual Report 2018–19

知識轉移 Knowledge Transfer 39 發表全球首個野生大豆參考 基因組 林漢明教授領導的國際研究團隊,完成 全球首個野生大豆的參考基因組,為大 豆基因研究提供重要工具。此研究有助 提升大豆的耐逆能力和其他農藝性狀, 從而擴大大豆的耕種範圍。 World’s first reference-grade wild soybean genome announced An international research team led by Prof. Lam Hon-ming completed the world’s first reference-grade wild soybean genome which provides an important tool for soybean genetic research. The discovery may help to improve the tolerance and other agronomic traits of soybeans, thereby extending the habitats of soybean cultivation.