Annual Report 2018–19

40 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2018–2019 試管造肉 李嘉豪教授與工業界合作,研製可供食 用的動物組織,譬如花膠與人造豬肉等。 李教授並與挪威研究團隊合作創造「動 物方舟」,盡量保存現有物種的超能幹 細胞。 Making meat in a test tube Prof. Kenneth Lee is working with industry to develop edible animal tissue that ranges from fish maw and lab-grown pork. He is also working with a group in Norway to build an ‘animal ark’ of pluripotent stem cells from as many living species as possible before they are driven into extinction by humans.