Annual Report 2018–19

42 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2018–2019 經氣管微波消融術無創治肺癌 中大胸腔外科教授完成亞太區首宗混合 手術室「經氣管微波消融術」以治療肺 癌。該團隊利用胸腔手術和電磁導航支 氣管鏡檢查技術,準確地經過支氣管鏡 將消融探頭帶到肺癌組織,破壞病變組 織。此療法不會在病人身上留有疤痕。 Non-invasive bronchoscopic microwave ablation to treat lung cancer Thoracic surgical professors from CUHK successfully performed Asia-Pacific’s first non-invasive Bronchoscopic Microwave Ablation (BMA) in hybrid operating room for lung cancer treatment. The team made use of thoracic procedures and electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy to allow high precision delivery of BMA probe into the lung cancer, directly destroying the lesion. The lung cancer treatment is totally scarless.