Annual Report 2018–19

知識轉移 Knowledge Transfer 41 多專科單孔微創機械人手術臨床 研究 中大醫學院完成全球首個多專科單孔微 創機械人手術系統臨床研究。研究結果 顯示手術工具能經過單一切口進入病人 體內;此系統可以深入以往難以到達的 病灶位置,使外科醫生進行複雜而精細 的治療程序。 Multi-specialty clinical trial using single port robotic surgical system CUHK’s Faculty of Medicine conducted the world’s first multi-specialty clinical trial using the ‘Single Port Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgical System’. The trial proved that through the system multiple procedures could be performed through a single entry site, allowing surgeons to reach deep spaces to carry out delicate procedures with precision.