Annual Report 2018–19

校長前言 Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor and President 5 本年報的涵蓋期為2018年8月1日至 2019年7月31日,列載本校員生的工作 及成就,而其成就正好證明他們貢獻 社會的決心,結出了纍纍碩果。 中大員生秀出班行,於2018至19年度 創下不少佳績。我們於癌症研究、納米 科技、生命科學、工程學、社會科學和 人文學等領域,皆屢有突破,開拓了知 識的領域。追求知識的道路上,每一步 都充滿新發現的喜悅,而當發明得以轉 化成實際的應用和方案,這喜悅必然倍 增。中大推崇創新,連續四年獲路透社 亞太區推選為香港最具創新力的大學, 我們引以自豪。 InnoHK是香港特區政府銳意提升香 港成為環球科研合作中心的重點項 目,旨在匯聚全球各地頂尖科研人員, 進行具影響力的科研合作。中大的高 度參與充分展示了我們的科研實力及 國際聲譽。中大聯同多個國際合作夥 伴即將進駐設立於科學園的Health@ This annual report of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, covering the period between 1 August 2018 and 31 July 2019, will walk you through the accomplishments of CUHK members whose determination to make a difference has borne an impressive array of achievements. Our staff and students have continued to build on their understanding and knowledge in various fields and have accomplished much throughout the year. Advances and breakthroughs have been made in cancer research, nanoscience and nanotechnology, life sciences, engineering, social sciences and the humanities, to name a few. Every step of the process has been rewarded with the joy of discovery, which is doubled when the discovery is translated into useful applications and practical solutions. Here at CUHK, we celebrate the spirit of innovation and are proud that we have for four years in a row been named as Hong Kong’s most innovative university by Reuters Asia-Pacific. The University’s research excellence is amply recognized by its participation in InnoHK, a major initiative of the Hong Kong SAR government that aims to elevate Hong Kong into a hub of global research collaborations, by converging outstanding researchers from around the world to carry out impactful collaborative research in 校長前言 Foreword by The Vice-Chancellor and President