Annual Report 1994-95

Academic Development 學術發展 21 醫學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Medicine • 藥劑學系首批藥劑學士誕生。 • 護理學系完成護理碩士兩年兼讀制學位課程和註冊前護理學士學位課程籌備工作。該兩項課程 將於一九九五至九六年度收生。 • 腫瘤學系開設癌症護理證書課程,供在職護士進修。 • 香港癌症硏究所於威爾斯親王醫院新成立之包玉剛爵士癌症中心和包黃秀英女士兒童癌症中心 內設立硏究實驗室。 • 開設全港設備最先進之內鏡中心——逸夫內鏡中心。 • 醫學院之輔助生育組率先在港施行「微型注射卵子術」,首名因此而成孕的嬰兒出生。 • 學院於新設之沙田仁安醫院成立家庭醫學教學單位。 • 學院成員以訪問醫生身分,在仁安醫院專科診所提供臨牀服務,創學院與私人醫院合作的新里 程。 • The Department of Pharmacy produced its first batch of B.Pharm. graduates. • The Department of Nursing finalized preparations for a two-year part-time M.Nurs. programme and a pre-registration B.Nurs. programme, both to be launched in 1995-96. • The Department of Clinical Oncology launched a Certificate Course in Oncology Nursing for serving nurses. • The Ho ng Kong Cancer Institute established its research laboratories at the two new cancer centres within the Prince of Wales Hospital — the Sir Yue-kong Pao Centre for Cancer and the Lady Pao Children's Cancer Centre. • The Shaw Endoscopy Centre was opened. • The faculty introduced a programme on the micromanipulation of human gametes (SUZI) in Hong Kong and the first baby so conceived was bom. • The faculty established a family medicine teaching unit at the new Union Hospital in Sha Tin. • Members of the faculty started to provide clinical services at the specialist clinics of the Union Hospital as visiting medical staff, a milestone for collaboration between the faculty and the private sector. 藥劑學系學生在品質控制實驗室(左)及無菌生產間(右)實習 Pharmacy students in a quality control/quality assurance laboratory (left) and in a sterile manufacturing suite (right)