Annual Report 1997-98

捐贈 、 財務與賬目 DONATIONS,FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS 捐贈 Donations 五十萬港元或以上之捐贈(一九九七至九八年度) Donations of HK$500,000 or above (1997-98) 捐助者 Donors 捐贈金額 Amoun t donate d 摘要 Particulars 無名氏 An anon ymou s dono r 500 , 000 To suppor t researc h an d c ommun i t y wo r k undertake n by t h e Departmen t o f Psychology . AT&T Foundatio n 693,810 To suppor t t h e Virtua l Classroo m projec t undertake n b y the Departmen t o f Informatio n Engineering . 國泰航空有限公司 Cathay Pacifi c Airway s Ltd . 1,000,000 To suppor t t h e Catha y Pacifi c Wheelchai r Ban k administered b y t h e Departmen t o f Orthopaedic s an d Traumatology fo r childre n wit h neuromuscula r disease . 鄭孫文淑基金 Cheng Sue n Man-shoo k Foundatio n 1,000,000 To se t u p a clini c fo r researc h on traditiona l Chines e medicine a t t h e Departmen t o f Anatomica l an d Cellula r Pathology. 香港中文大學年報 捐贈、財務與賬目 80