Annual Report 2001–02

工商管理學院 Faculty of Business Administration 管理研究 Management-related Research 管理學系劉忠明敎授開展一連串硏究,從認知角度探討組織轉變對組 織效能提升的影響。他的硏究項目集中於轉變管理的過程,組織設計 與人力資源,策略思維和組織效能等;最近的焦點是中國企業改革的 過程之中高層管理的策略思維。 劉敎授的大部分論文是關於香港和中國內地的管理學課題,涵蓋組織 轉變與發展、策略思維與創業硏究、治理架構,以及人力資源與組織 效能。文章主要散見於 Academy of Management Journal Journal of International Business Studies, Entrepreneurship : Theory and Practice, Journal of Applied Psychology , 及 International Journal of Human Resource Management。 Prof. Lau Chung-ming of the Department of Management has conducted research on the relationship between strategic changes and the effectiveness of organizations from a cognitive perspective. His research projects are related to the management of the change process, organizational design and human resource issues, strategic orientations and their performance implications. His most recent research focus is the strategic orientation of top management teams in the midst of enterprise reform in China. Using data collected from Hong Kong and mainland China, he has published extensively o n organizational change and development, strategic orientations and new venture creation, corporate governance, and human resource and organizational effectiveness. His papers were mostly carried in the Academy of Management Journal the Journal of International Business Studies, Entrepreneurship: Theory and the Journal of Applied P s y c h o l o g y , and the International Journal of Human Resource Management