Annual Report 2001–02

•規定所有校巴和租用的巴士安裝柴油催化器, 以減少黑煙排放,又正式引進三輛電動摩托 車,作為校內的日常運輸工具,以減少空氣污 染並節省能源。 • 定期維修所有敎硏、行政樓宇的通風系統,確 保操作暢順;又為二十多幢樓宇進行室內空氣 監測,確保員生有健康的作息環境。 • 校方於二零零一年回收廢紙共二百四十七公 噸、鋁罐一千零八十公斤、膠樽四千多個;又 與環保團體和慈善組織合辦回收舊書、玩具、 電腦、衣物等活動,把收集所得捐贈予香港及 中國內地貧苦人士。 • 二零零一年十月至二零零二年一月,本校與環 境保護運動委員會合辦八個全港敎師環保工作 坊;大學另於二零零二年三月舉辦環境保護 週,加強員生的環保意識。 Preserving the Campus Located next to a natural reserve and surrounded by six country parks, the University has a beautiful campus. To preserve the campus environment, various projects and plans were implemented during the year: • A total of 430 trees, 11,606 shrubs, 6,487 flower plants, and 2,826 square metres of grass were planted to increase the greenery on campus. • To reduce black smoke, all school buses and shuttle buses hired from contractors were installed with diesel oxidation catalytic converters. After the successful trial run of electrical scooters, the first three such scooters were adopted in April 2002 as a means of transport on campus to reduce pollution and save energy. • The ventilation systems of all academic and administrative buildings were regularly maintained to ensure proper operation. Indoor air quality studies were conducted for 20 buildings on campus to ensure a healthy environment for staff and students. • In 2001, the volume of waste generated on campus was successfully reduced by recycling 247 tons of paper, 1,080 kg of aluminum cans, and more than 4,000 plastic bottles. The University also worked with other environmental protection units and charitable organizations to conduct recycling activities, such as collecting used books, toys, computers, and clothes, and donating them to the needy in Hong Kong and mainland China. • From October 2001 to January 2002, eight environmental training workshops were organized for local teachers and an Environmental Protection Week was held in March 2002 to promote environmental awareness on the campus. 環保週生態旅遊之種植杜鵑花 Planting azalea shrubs — an activity of the Environmental Protection Week 新引進校園的電動摩托車 An electrical scooter — an environment- friendly means of transport on campus c a m p u s d e v e l o p m e n t a n d e n v i r o n m e n t a l p r o t e c t i o n 校園建設與環境保護 79