Annual Report 2005–06

教職員 Staff 69 Medical Insurance Plan for Retirees MIPR, launched on a wholly self-paid and voluntary basis on 1 July 2005, continued to provide eligible retirees and their spouses with access to medical insurance cover for specialist and hospital expenses on top of outpatient care at the University Health Service. Employee Assistance Programme The University continued to offer the Employee Assistance Programme to promote employee well-being and build up a productive and healthy workforce. 退休僱員醫療保險計劃 經大學安排由保險公司自二零零五年七月一日起提 供的「退休僱員醫療保險計劃」,繼續讓符合資格 的退休僱員及其配偶除享用保健處門診服務外,亦 可自行供款參加這項專科及住院保險計劃。 僱員輔助計劃 大學繼續推行「僱員輔助計劃」,旨在提升員工個 人的生活質素,組成健康和高效率的工作團隊,為 大學的目標作出積極貢獻。