Annual Report 2005–06

教學輔助設施 Academic Support Facilities 81 新添設施 基於二零零五年四月有關學習設施調查的結果,大 學圖書館在地下設立了一個可容納四十人的「討論 間」以方便同學進行研習。大學圖書館在館內閱讀 桌上加設了分隔板,以提供更多私人研習空間。各 所圖書館亦設定了安靜樓層及流動電話專區以營 造寧靜的研習環境。 法律圖書館已遷至田家炳樓四樓,並增添了一百個 座位、四十三台電腦、六間小組研討室及一個諮詢 櫃台。法律館藏發展迅速,現有館藏達四萬六千 冊。法律圖書館可由大學圖書館前往,開放時間與 大學圖書館相同。 Two new special collections of materials published during China’s Republican Period (Minguo) and the Cultural Revolution in China have been developed. New Facilities In response to the survey results of study facilities in April 2005, a new Discussion Zone which can accommodate up to 40 users has been set up on the ground floor of the University Library to facilitate collaborative learning among students. Dividers were added to the large reading tables in the University Library to provide more private study spaces. Quiet floors and mobile phone areas were established in all libraries. The Law Library was relocated to the 4th floor of the Tin Ka Ping building, with the addition of seating for 100 students, 43 PCs, six group study rooms and an information desk. The law collections are building quickly and now stand at over 46,000 items. The Law Library can be accessed via the University Library and its opening hours are the same as those of the University Library. Financed by the UGC’s AA&I funding, the Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2005. The library was fully refurbished with the addition of an information commons, group study rooms, informal seating areas and more study carrels. In addition, two 二零零五至二零零六年度圖書館讀者及訪客 Library Patrons and Visitors 2005-2006 入館人次 Users Entering the Libraries 1,973,069 圖書館讀者 Total User Population 38,793 團體訪客(二百一十六個導覽團) Visitors (on 216 Guided Tours) 4,199 二零零五至二零零六年度圖書館流通量 Library Circulation 2005-06 書 Books 1,038,838 各類學報期刊 Periodicals 5,342 指定參考書及電子指定參考資料 Reserve Books and e-Reserve 88,691 中大考試試題資料庫 CUHK Examination Papers Database 991,734 胡忠多媒體資料 Wu Chung Multimedia Materials 98,184 特藏書庫 Special Collections 12,750 總數 Total 2,235,539 法律圖書館 Law Library