Annual Report 2006–07

10 大 學 領 導 層 UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP ณͨɣነ࣎໎ New Council Members 梁怡教授 Prof. Leung Yee (自二零零六年八月十六日起;由教務會選任) (from 16 August 2006; elected by the Senate) 何子樑醫生 Dr. Ho Tzu-leung (自二零零七年一月二十一日起;由大學校董會選任) (from 21 January 2007; elected by the Council) 陳德霖先生 Mr. Norman T.L. Chan (由監督委任,二零零七年四月一日履任; 後於同年六月二十五日辭任) (Nominated by the Chancellor for appointment from 1 April 2007; resigned with effect from 25 June 2007)