Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1 Jun 1964

Committee for the Installation of First Vice-Chancellor and First Congregation for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees The Hon. Fung Ping-fan (Chairman), Mr. J. S. Lee (Vice-Chairman), Mr. R. E. Lawry, Dr. Andrew T . Roy, Mr. B. P. Schoyer, Mr. N. H. Young, and Mr. H. T . Wu (Secretary). Distinctive Marks and Ceremonial Dress Mr. H. T . Wu (Chairman), Mrs. E. J. Fehl, Mr. M. F. Griffith, Mrs. Ellen Li Shu-pui, Miss H. T . Stewart, Mr. M. H. Su, and Mr. N. H. Young. COM ING S AND GO ING S Vice-Chancellor's trip to Yale The Vice-Chancellor left for the U.S.A. on April 4 ’ 1964 to attend the inauguration ceremony on the 17th President of Yale University and returned on April 19. President Yung's Visit to Japan President C. T . Yung of Chung Chi College was invited to attend the Second Decade Conference and T enth Anniversary Celebration of the International Christian University in Tokyo. He left for Japan by air on November 14 together with Dr. William P. Fenn and returned on November 19, 1963. President T. C, Cheng visits U.S. and England Mr. T . C. Cheng, President of United College, visited the U.S.A. for two months at the invitation of the U.S. State Department and returned to Hong Kong on April 24. Mr. Cheng's programme in America included visits to over twenty leading universities and colleges as well as a number of research institutes and Foundations. During his visit he discussed with prominent educators on subjects such as the promotion of Chinese Studies, academic exchanges, extra-mural programmes, social work educa- tion, and the teaching of English as a foreign language. Mr. Cheng visited London on April 19 where he had conferences with: Mr. H. Houghton and Dr. D. J. S. Crozier of the Department of Technical Co-operation; Dr. Eileen Younghusband of the National Institute for Social Work T raining; and Mr. I. C. M. Maxwell, Secretary of the Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas. M r. B. P. Schoyer Mr. B. P. Schoyer, Representative of the Yale-in-China Association in Hong Kong and a Governor of New Asia College, returned to the United States early this year to report at the Association's Board of Trustees Annual Meeting on the recent developments of the College. At the meeting, the Board decided to continue their support to the College for another period of five years beginning next July. Art Adviser in Taiwan During the fall of last year Mr. C. C. Wang, Head of the Department of Fine Arts of New Asia College, served as an adviser to the Smithsonian Institution in its project to photograph Chinese art objects in the collection of the Palace Museum of Taiwan. A group of experts headed by Dr. James Cahill, Curator of Chinese Art, Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institu- tion, were in Taiwan last year to select and photograph the art objects there. Mr. Wang rendered his assistance in identifying painters and determining the authenticity of questionable pieces. Lecturing in Vietnam Mr. Chen Ching-ho, Research Fellow and Tutoring Lecturer of the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research of New Asia College, is presently making a one-month lecturing tour in Vietnam. He is giving a series of lectures on the histories of Vietnam and Southeast Asia at the University of Saigon and the University of Hue. Visit of Mr. John Lacey Th e Deputy Principal Officer of the American Consu- late General Hong Kong, Mr. John Lacey, visited the United College on April 15 and addressed the College assembly. Mr. Lacey addressed the College assembly in the College Hall on the subject: 'United College and Hong Kong-United States Economic Relations'. Professor Tien- 17 Li At the invitation of the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research of New Asia College, Professor Tien-Yi Li of Yale University came to Hong Kong as a Visiting Research Fellow from December 1963 to March 1964. He gave a series of lectures on the following subjects during his visit: ‘The Development of Sinology in the United States', ‘T h e Problems of Translation in Western Sinology' and 'On the Chinese Novel'. Visitors from Australia Dr. Otto van der Sprenkel, Professor, Dr. Liu T sun- Yan, Senior Lecturer, and Dr. Donald Leslie, Research Fellow, all of the Australian National University, attended a meeting of the Royal Asiatic Society in Hong Kong in January, 1964. Upon the invitation of the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research of New Asia College, Professor Sprenkel delivered a lecture on ‘A Study of Chinese Gen eology' , Dr. Liu on 'T h e Investigation of Motze' Works by Contemporary Scholars', and Dr. Leslie on 'A New Approach to the Understanding of Confucian Analects'. They also visited Chung Chi College and the United College. Professor John K , Fairbank Professor John K. Fairbank of Harvard University visited the New Asia College in early March and delivered an address on: ‘T h e Work of the School of East Asian Studies of Harvard University'. 5