Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 4 Oct 1964

'Next, I hope you w i ll all remember that although y ou have now graduated, you are stil l members of this University; for a university is the whole body of those associated w i th it, whether as teachers, students, administrators or graduates. Its future fame lie s to a large extent i n your hands. ' I f in the course of your careers you prove your competence, and demonstrate your ability to b e leaders in your chosen spheres, your associates w i l l give much of the credit to your University, whose reputation w i ll thereby be enhanced w i th the resul t that the wo r ld w i ll place increasing confidence in its graduates. Public Confidence ' T h is public confidence is important to the growth and development of any university; and you owe it to your University to see that you enhanc e its reputation and do nothing to impair it. 'Finally it remains for me to congratualte the University, its constituent Colleges and their staffs on the graduation of these young people, the University's first products. T h e n, of course, I wou ld also like to congratulate the graduands themselves very sincerely on successfull y achieving their degrees. ' You have all, I know, had to work very hard to gain these distinctions, which are the culmination of many years of prolonged study. You ca n be proud of what you have accomplished, and I hope the knowledge that you are capable of reaching this leve l of attainment w i ll give you confidence for the future. ' I wish you all every succes s in the life wh i ch now opens up before you.' AT THE GRADUAT ION DINNER Graduation in Chinese is ‘pi-yeh’,literall y the 'end of a course or study' but it is by no means the end of anything but the beginning of a life-lon g quest for knowledge and experience, D r . Ch o h -m i ng L i told the 1964 graduates and diplomates at the Graduation Dinne r on the evening of October 16. T h e Vice-Chancellor was speaking of his own experience when he received his Ph . D. degre e f r om the university. He said the feeling of being unlearned became stronger as one progressed in his pursui t of knowledge. ‘ T he more you learn the more you feel unlearned.' He praised the fine work of the faculties of the three Foundation Colleges. ‘ T he University conferred upon you a degree or diploma today but the claim of accomplishment belongs to the three Foundation Colleges and their staff’’ said the Vice-Chancellor in his short pre- dinner speech to more than 300 guests and students. He asked the guests and the facultie s to j o in h i m for a toast to the future success of the graduates and diplomates. I n responses in Chinese and Englis h by Miss L au Wo on Y i ng and Miss Y u Yuen Wai respectively, the graduates expressed their gratitude to th e Colleges and the University. Miss Y u asked the University to cultivate the local characters of the University along w i th its international emphasis. She also expressed the hope of the organization of a University Student Un i on and the immediate establishment of a University A l umni Association. T h e First Graduation D i nner ended a t 10.35 p.m. GRADUATES & DIPLOMATES 1964 B A C H E L OR O F A R T S Mo Ka - c h u ng Che Ping-kee Sinn Yu k - f o ng Cheng Yeuk-yee, John L i Chien-fei Ch u ng Ma i - l ai K u Sh i u - kwun Chan Ka i - h u ng Yew Sheung-fai Ch in Chi-shin K u n g Hing-ngok Chan Y u k - mui T s ui Mei-yee L uk Yuen-yee Cheung Sai-bung Fung Kam- l u en Cheung Wi ng - c huen Wo ng Pui-lam Cheung Sheung-ping Wo ng Pui-king Fong K am - m i ng Wo ng Yuet-tai Lee Wing-sien Wo ng Ch i u - y in Lee Fai-wing Y u Yuen-wai Lee Ta t - l eung Yu, T i t us T o Chung - yu Chiang Te k - y uen L am Kw o k - h i ng Cheng Yau-chong L am Jee-fung Ng Shok-mui L am Ch i m - h u ng Lo Wan-daw L e u ng Ch u n g -m i ng Ng Hong-sang Liang Mu n - c he Sh um Yee-wah Leung Ho n - k i ng Chu Yuen-wo Wo ng Ma n - kwan Lee Kam- c h u ng Wan Ch u i n - m i ng L am Yau-ka L o Wai-lue n L am Yuet-lan Y u ng K i n - m ui Au - Ye u ng Sik-fung I p Ko c k - h u ng Wong, Simon Y i p Kam- s i n g Chan Pu i - l un Choi Ho i - wan L ai Wai-hang Siu Jin-yee L am Ping-kuen Yuen Dai-wai Wu Wa i - g i ng H u i Sui-lee Lee Yu n - wo on Chia Ching-kwong M an Sau-cheung Tam Kan-tai Ch u ng Yuet Wah L a i Kwa n - wa i Chan Wan Y iu B A C H E L OR O F S C I E N CE Lee, Ronnie Hou Chok-tsi, Gregory Tam Ping-kwan Hau To - s h un M a Ts o y - wo L a u Woon - y i ng L a u Wi n g - y an Au Shue-fun L e u ng Wah-sing Hsu Y-sock Chan W i n g - on L am Keng-bon Kao Ch u n - n i ng L e u ng Ching-yuen K u n g H i n g - wah W un Ch u n - kwun Yee Kwo k - c h un Wo ng Miu-yee Yue Shui-jan Wu K i t - h i ng T a i Leung-tak Chien Kw an Yeung Ho n g - n i ng Chan Pak-hoo Yeung H i n - w i ng Chan Pui-yin, Elaine K am K u i - t i ng Chan Chor-kai L o Po-nor Wo ng Ka i - k ong Fu ng Kw o k - w i ng 2