Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 6 Dec 1964

THE SEAL OF THE VICE-CHANCELLOR On the day o f In sta lla tio n o f the F irs t V ice-C hancellor, an o fficia l seal was presented to the V ice -C hance llo r by the Chancellor, S ir D a vid T re n c h . T h e seal bearing a Chinese in scrip tio n o f " T h e Seal o f the V ice -C hance llo r o f the Chinese U n iv e rs ity " was designed and engraved by M r. Chao H o -ch in , pa rt- tim e L e c tu re r o f N ew Asia College (sec cu t in Chinese section o f th is issue), w ritte n in the clerical style o f C h in D ynasty. T h e Seal stands about fo u r and a h a lf inches in height w ith the U n iv e rs ity emblem , " T h e B ird o f the S ou th " o r " Feng" , stooping on top. I t weighs three and a h a lf pounds and the base o f the seal is tw o and one-eighth inches square. T h e U n iv e rs ity m otto, " P o W en Y ueh L i " , was carved and lettered in the style o f the W a rrin g States on one side o f the Seal. T h e design on the other sides show the year o f the dragon, the U n iv e rs ity m otto and “ the seal o f the V ice -C h an cellor" . (see cuts) SENIOR LECTURERS ( B y order o f ava il ab il it y o f biographies) Dr. Chen Ping-chum, United College, Economics. H a ving graduated from the N a tional Kw a ng tu ng Teachers College, D r. Chen went to the U n iv e rs ity o f M ich ig a n and obtained the Degree o f A .B . in 1923, He then pursued post-graduate stuties at Colum bia U n iv e rs ity and received an M .A . Degree in 1924. On re tu rn to China, D r. Chen served as L e ctu re r and later Professor in Econom ics at the N ational K w a n g tu n g U n iv e rs ity . He was con currently Head o f the D e pa rtm ent o f Commerce, and Dean and D ire cto r o f U n iv e rs ity Extension at the same U n ive rsity. T h is in s titu tio n was the forerunner o f the N a tion a l Sun Yat-Sen U n iv e rs ity . In 1926 D r. Chen founded w ith others the Canton U n iv e rs ity , and became its President in addition to being the Professor in Econom ics. Besides a long teaching career, D r. Chen held many p rom ine n t adm in istra tive posts in the Governm ent o f China. In 1943 he was sent by the Chinese G ove rn m ent as a Special Comm issioner to stud y w a rtim e economy in the U n ite d States. In 1945 he was con ferred an L L .D . Degree by Lo yo la U n ive rs ity, Los Angeles. In 1952 he founded the Canton Overseas College in H o ng K o n g and became its President as w e ll as the Head o f the D e pa rtm ent o f Econom ics. In 1956 he became a C o -Founder o f the U n ite d College when the Canton Overseas College, H ong K on g , and fo u r other post-secondary colleges were amalgamated. Since then he has been Senior Le ctu re r and H ead o f the D e pa rtm ent o f Econom ics. D r. Chen's publications are: Statistical Method (1927); Economic Statistics (1933); Contemporary Economic Problems ! )2:48*!Ι University Education (1959); Trends in the Study of Economics of Change (1962); A Survey of General Education (1963.) (Photo o f D r. Chen in the Chinese version.) M r . Jen Tai, United College, English Literature. A fte r his graduation from O b e rlin College in 1929, M r. Jen received a H a rva rd -Y e n ch in g G ran t fo r 3