Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 7 Jan 1965

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN V O L U M E O N E • J A N U A R Y 1 9 6 5 • N U M B E R S E V E N C O N T E N T S Page A Responsibility to the Commun i ty 1 Degree/Diploma Board 2 Internal Examiners 2 New Office Space 3 The N i n t h Inaugural Address 4 Gowns, Caps and Hoods 4 College Registrars 4 Comings and Going s 5 A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUN I TY An Ex t r a -Mu r a l Studies Committee was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on Ma r ch 17, 1964 " to examine the possibility of instituting extra-mural activities for the Chinese University and to come up w i th a proposed workable programme". The Committee was chaired by M r . T . C. Cheng, President of Un i t ed College, and had the following persons as members: M r . S.K. Cheung Mr. T . C. L ai Mrs. Ellen S.P. L i , member of the University Council Prof. Ta n g Ch u n - I, New Asia College Mr. C.F. Teng, Chung Chi College Mr. N . H . Young , Un i t ed College (Member and Secretary) The Committee submitted its report to the Vice- Chancellor on July 14, 1964, proposing that a Depart- mem of Ex t r a -Mu r a l Studies be established as soon as possible and that a Board of Ex t r a -Mu r al Studies be formed ''to consider general policies and to act as an advisory body to Senate on extra-mural matters”. The following are excerpts f r om the report on some major points: On the Need: ''We are unanimous that universities as teaching institutions have a special responsibility for making available to all who can benefit f r om it such teaching as falls within their province. The Chinese University of Ho ng Ko ng must therefore bear such a responsibility and should make its own distinct con- tribution. Unless a university undertakes an academic responsibility towards those outside the regular student body the university would soon lose its public support. It follows that an Ex t r a -Mu r al Department in the Chinese University is essential in that it has special purposes to serve and needs to meet. The existence of two Ex t r a -Mu r al Departments, one in the University o f Hong Ko ng and one in the Chinese University of Ho ng Kong, not only provides more opportunities for cultural endeavours but also helps to bring about a situation of cooperation and partnership between these two universities, in which one enriches the other i n their complementary but by no means exclusive fields o f service.” On Scope and Depth: “ T h e Chinese University of Ho ng Ko ng is best suited to conduct extra-mural courses in Chinese history and culture’ as well as courses in natural and social sciences in the medium of Chinese for the consumption of the general public, which is 99% Chinese. A new Department of Extra- Mu r a l Studies in the Chinese University w i ll give extra-mural education a new impetus and new direction in Ho ng K o n g . " On Financial Considerations: " Ap a rt f r om expenditure on central administration, the courses of an extra- mural department can be made generally self-sup- po r t i ng ." On the Approach: " Ex t r a -mu r al courses should be conducted in suc h a way as to provide opportunities for ma x i mum participation of students in class activities; for a wide range of individual differences to be recognized and accepte d ; for assessment of students by means other than traditional methods such as examinations ; for individual contributions to be fully utilized and directed to the benefit of the whole class; for both teachers and students to share experiences together in the learning situation ; and for acceptance