Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 5 Jan 1971

My. R. N. Rayne ( l e f t ) , Mr. H. C. Wan ( r i g h t ) and team champions of 4 X 100 M, relay (women) Pe r sona l ia • Dr. Chi Wang, University Librarian, assumed duty on 17th December, 1970. • Prof. Jiri Nehnevajsa, Professor of Sociology, has been appointed Acting Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Social Science during the absence of Prof. S.S. Hsueh from Hong Kong on long leave from 20th December, 1970 to 20th August, 1971. • Mr. T.C. Lai assumed duty and title as Director of the Department of Extramural Studies on 1st November, 1970. • Mrs. Y.Y. Lo, Administrative Assistant (Probationary), University Registry, has been transferred to the Office of the Special Assistant to the Vice- Chancellor with effect from 18th December, 1970. St a f f Pro f i l es Dr. Stanley E. Shively, Lecturer in S o c i o l o g y , New Asia College Dr. Stanley E. Shively studied Sociology at the University of Colorado and obtained his B.A. and M. A . degrees in 1955 and 1957 respectively. He was awarded a Ph.D. degree fro m the University of Pittsburgh in 1966. Dr. Shively has taught at the University of Oklahoma, University of Pittsburgh, State University of Iowa and United States A ir Force. He was appointed Associate Professor at Oregon State University in 1968 and since then has taught courses in General Sociology, Methods of Social Research and Political Sociology. He is now on a two-year leave of absence from Oregon State University, to assume the present position of Lecturer in Sociology at New Asia College. Dr. Stanley E. Shively 士 博 理 符 史 Besides teaching, Dr. Shively has long experience in research. He had been engaged as Research Consultant in a number of projects and Associate Director of the Institute for Group Relations of the University of Oklahoma, Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh and other organizations. Dr. Shively has special interest in the fields of political sociology, research methodology, an d statistics. Among his many publications are: "Sociology of Poverty", "Alienation of the Aged", "Perceived Economic and Military Strength of Nations", and "Social Images". Mr. Lee K a - K u i , Administrative Assistant, University Registry Mr. Lee Ka-Kui, a 1966 graduate of this University, read English as his major subject and Chinese at United College. He completed his secondary education at Queen's College and New Method College. He was grante d a certificate in Advanced Translation by the Department of Extramural Studies of the University in 1969 , having successfully completed the two-year course. — 8 —