Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 9 Jun–Jul 1971

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN VOLUME SEVEN JUNE-JULY 1971 NUMBER NINE 樣圖計設館學科學大之師築建 Perceptive elevation of the University Science Centre CONTENTS Page British Contribution to University Science Centre . . . 1 Translation Centre 2 Forum of Southeast Asian Scholars . . 3 Matriculation Results and Centralization of Admission Procedure 4 Obituary 5 Personalia 5 Staff Profiles 5 Comings and Goings 5 College News 5 Br i t i sh Con t r i bu t i on to Uni vers i ty Science Centre The United Kingdom Government has formally agreed to contribute a quarter of a million pounds (HK$3,625,000) to help underwrite costs of the University Science Centre. This contribution was first agreed on in principle with Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor of the University, in 1964. The money will now be made available immediately and is to be used within the year to purchase British or Hong Kong goods and services exclusively for the University Science Centre.